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tolkien_ites's Journal

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This is a community for those who are very interested in tolkien's world and was created for deep conversations relating to it. because of this we cant let just anybody in. fill out the application so that we know that you are really a big fan of tolkien and are serious about discussing this.

1. fill out the application completely
2. use lj-cut when sending in the application
3. im not the best speller so dont yell at me if things are spelt wrong


1. name
2. age
3. location

4. favorite lotr character and why
5. favorite Tolkien book and why
6. favorite scene and why

7. books or movies and why
8. give a few facts about the lord of the rings
9. how do you feel about Peter Jackson?

give reasons why for these
10. gandalf the grey or gandalf the white
11. orthanc or barad-dur
12. merry or pip
13. eowyn or arwen
14. rivendel or lothlorien
15. elves or dwarves
16. gondor or rohan
17. gimli or legolas
18. moria or the paths of the dead
19. helms deep or the pelennor fields
20. wargs or mumakils